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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kikey Takes on the Radio Air Waves

"Born with a face for Radio"....Oh snap!  Does that pop culture saying apply to me now that I'm doing radio?  Uhmm, let's just say "long time listener, first time caller" say's no.

So guess what guys?  I've added radio DJ to my resume.  Yep, I'm doing a show called, "The Weekly Wrap Up with Ken August and Kikey Castillo".   My name is in the cool!  Each week Ken (he prefers Gus) and I discuss the latest news headlines with a youthful and comical perspective.  This is NOT a boring news show, Oh No!  Not when you add me to the mix.  Don't believe me?  I invite you to listen.

Kikey and Gus

Pilot show 1/22/12:
Gus and Kikey discuss the week’s top stories including a Super Bowl rematch; the GOP race and Newt’s sexual prowess (how does he do it?); the worst ship captain of all time and why it doesn’t pay to be an Iranian nuclear scientist.

(email followers, just click on the link below)

Tune in weekly, Sunday's at 9pm PST 

If you miss our Sunday night show you can always still catch it on the replay using the same link as above. 

What do I think of my new role as a DJ?  Here's what I think...
That's how you do it here in Hollywood.  You don't sit around waiting for things to be handed to you, You MAKE IT HAPPEN.  There is a well known saying we all use in the entertainment business, "work begets work".  And Hollywood, I AM taking you by storm!

During our show 1/29/12

I didn't know pictures were going to be taken...I would have dolled up!

"Night Sexies" that is my sign off :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wine Tasting at Malibu Wines

See it spells wine :)

W - I - N - E, What's that Spell?  Wine! Wine!

I do love good wine and wine tasting but when I don't have time to head out a few hours to a local winery I hop, skip and jump to Malibu.  Or at least I did this time.

Who knew I could get all the benefits of a fancy winery so close to home!

Join me as I give you a lively and entertaining wine tasting tour

Go Wine Tasting with Kikey - just click play

Are you an email follower and cant see the video?  Click here Wine Tasting with Kikey

Photos of Malibu Wines
photos courtesy of Jason Ng

In a blink of an eye I was worlds away from the LA hustle and bustle and found myself in a beautiful, lush serene setting. Keep in mind it's January...this place gets even more dazzling in spring/summer 

Here's the wine house where you walk up and order your wine tasting flights or bottle of wine

Then find a seat and enjoy the delightful beverage.  Oh yeah, you'll want to pack a lunch or snacks to go with the wine

There's plenty of open space to walk around and off beat things to look at... 

...and get silly with

Come out and enjoy Malibu Wines, CHEERS!

Malibu Wines
31740 Mulholland Highway
Malibu, California 90265

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vida Dulce: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm going to share a little secrete with you - I have a weakness for sweets, Ahhhhhh!  Yes, it's true!  As much as I love eating healthy (green smoothies, organic foods, limited carbs) and working out regularly (hiking, pilates, gym time)...It's just pretty darn difficult for me to ixnay the cookies, cake, ice cream, gelato, pastries...especially if it's chocolate, Mmmmmmmmm.
Giant Auntie Em's Kitchen Cookies

Well, there it is - and since admittedly, I will never give up my annoyingly lovable sweet tooth, you know what I'm going do?  Flaunt it and tempt YOU with my confectionately sweet findings!  Aren't I devilishly nice. That's right, I said findings, with an (Sssss)...more to come this year.

**Another fabulous ideas struck me this year.  Introducing...Video Segments of my blog...YAY!!**

So click PLAY to view my video and check out the photo blog that follows.


I visited 'Auntie Em's Kitchen' to savor their Chocolate Chip Cookie, which was featured on the Food Network Channel, Check It Out

Are you an email follower and cant see the video?  Then click here Chocolate Chip Cookie Video

Auntie Em's Kitchen, yep, the name comes from the 'Wizard of OZ' is a charming little restaurant, marketplace and cafe

Once inside you are enveloped by a whimsical entryway bursting with colors that only the child inside of you could have imagined 

But I wasn't there to paint my pallet with their delightful seasonal food menu, Oh No!  To quote, the wonderful Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, "COOKIES!!! UMM-NUM-NUM-NUM-NUM!!!"

As the waiter glided over to me about to charm me with his best smile, I burst out with "two cookies please".  Not two for me silly, one for me and one for my friend, Jason.  You were thinking me an oink, oink, huh? 

As quick as a force 5 tornado (wink wink) I had this giant, flat, hard looking cookie staring me right in the face, challenging me to nibble on it  

But I looked at it slightly disenchanted and thought? Huh, how could you, a tortilla looking cookie possibly satisfy my craving for a soft, gooey chocolate chip cookie?  Look, Mr. Cookie, let's get something straight, I'm a warm soft cookie gal, not a crusty, crunchy, dunk it in coffee or milk gal  

But...I was sitting there already with the cookie in front of me, what was I gonna do?  Not eat it?  Puleeze, it's a cookie folks, of course I'm gonna eat it.  It's gonna be good right?

'Itsy bitsy spider', in goes the cookie

I must be in Kansas (you knew that was coming somewhere, huh?)  because me loves this frisbee looking cookie.  Although, I judged it by it's rough and tough exterior, I was fooled.  It was surprisingly soft and chewy (in the center) and generously covered in quarter sized chocolate chips - what a treat.  It was only on the outer edges that it was crunchy but I liked it.  The crunchy crumbs tantalizingly melted in my mouth leaving my taste buds savoring a carmelly taste...mmmmmmmmm  

Now, why didn't I get coffee or milk to go with this, hello??

So, here's what I say:  "Put 'em up! Put 'em up!" said the Cowardly Lion, "to your mouth", I say.  This cookie befriends the hard and soft cookie camps.  It's delightfully soft, it's just the right amount of crunch -- it's the best of both cookie worlds!  Only one slight problem, you might feel like a total piggly wiggly if you devour the whole thing (psst, like I did) but what's life, if your aren't livin'! 

Auntie Em's Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd., 
Los Angeles, CA 90041


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