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Friday, August 17, 2012

Moi? A Cover Girl?

Easy breezy beautiful COVERGIRL®

well I may not be a Maybelline cover girl just yettttt...and yes, would that be nice!  But I have shown up at your doorstep, in your mail and even on your computer.  Yes, indeed I am a COVERGIRL...of sorts....LOL but HEY I'm getting closer right??  I worked various modeling jobs this year and have happily been showing up in campaigns around the nation!  

Knock Knock! Who's There? Why it's Kikey open your door and let me in.

I shot a national print campaign for Frito Lay snacks (for the English and Spanish market products). This one is for the Spanish market snacks of Frito Lay and was published in Hoy newspaper which is the second largest Spanish language daily newspaper in the United States.  

behind the scenes: the short haired girl really was telling a good story, I think about her dog.  We could not eat or drink the food as they are carefully displayed and positioned.  

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hair shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds"  

Isn't that the United States Postal Service motto?  Well thank goodness for those hard working men and women otherwise how on earth can I possible show up in your mail???  Yep, on your kitchen table is where you'll find me smiling right at you.  This time I'm wanting you to buy Farmers Insurance.  

behind the scenes: This job was a stock photo shoot so I'll never know where it will show up (what's up with the hair...geeze, comb please).  My HS friend Kim, from Oregon, posted this photo on FB saying I just arrived in her mail :) 

Hey! You look athletic, outdoosy and in good shape!  Wanna buy some shoes?  

Sure you do and I recommend Keen shoes!  Just look at me, I'm having a grand ole time!  Keen shoes hired me to promote their 2012 women's spring and summer line.  And the shoes felt fantastic to boot. You can see this add in real time on Keen's website by clicking here

behind the scenes: this was nearing sunset on a cold Los Angles day.  You can't see my goose bumps but they're there! It was a fun day of shooting as we were told to just have fun and be playful.

behind the scenes: snapped during a wardrobe change...which happened in the car, behind a towel, behind the of a model LOL

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