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Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Ravishing in Red' Photo Shoot

Vince Gonzales and Kikey Castillo
"Anyone can be a cover model"

...according to Vince Gonzales, a photographer and dear friend of mine, his motto is "I can bring out the inner cover girl in anyone".  

So when he asked if I would be his model for his glam shoot, I had a brief moment of doubt as I wondered if I could pull this off since I'm not 6 feet tall, I'm not rail thin nor do I have amazing chiseled cheek bones -- quite the opposite!  I'm petite, with curves and ample soft cheeks BUT I really wanted to look and feel like a cover model, who doesn't right?  Plus as an actress I do have a little dream of one day seeing myself on the cover of a fashion magazine.  Half reluctant, half very excited, I said yes!!  

The Results??  Let's just say that I'm very happy I put myself into Vince's capable hands because somehow I Razzled Dazzled that camera and pulled off a Ravishing in Red photo shoot! 

But just so you know, it took a Village to Raise this Cover Model...a team of professionals were rounded up to make me look and feel picture perfect!
  • first person I called was Steve Galindo, my pal and stylist (  He secured the luxurious red dress, other outfits, shoes and a few other misc. stuff but he was so much more than that, he was a great moral support on set
  • then there was Narcisse Chico Kitabata the make-up & hair stylist (,  a friend of Vince's but I definitely look forward to working with her again
  • Lori Sandler of DragonHorse Studio ( who loaned me the jewelry.  Believe it or not, she was a Facebook Friend who I'd never met until the shoot
  • the wonderful producer, Donna Grillo (, or as I know her, Vince's better half
  • Lucy Eagleson, the talented videographer 
  • and of course the mastermind behind it all, Vince Gonzales (, who shot all the knockout pictures

xoxoxoxoxoxox Ravishing in Red xoxoxoxoxoxox
Pictures & Video

One of my absolute favorites of the shoot, just really captures a side to me that is rarely seen

I was having fun twirling in the dress, you can see the glee in my eyes

Great shot that shows off the beautiful Dragon Horse jewelry but I think subliminally, I'm inviting you to the gun it Pilates arms :)

I like this shot a lot, it captures me in a state of bliss

disclaimer: A mock cover, not actual...just for fun

They say if you can visualize it, it can come true and I can see it!!!

I LOVE the behind the scenes video

Behind The Scenes Glamour Photo-shoot with Kikey Castillo from VINPIX on Vimeo.

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