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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I was bad, I cheated on LA with NYC!

I cheated on Livin' la Vida LA! and had a brief yet smoking hot escaped with New York City.   

My racy indiscretion with the Big Apple had my heart pulsing with excitement and I didn't want it to end.  I felt naughty, I felt adventurous, I even brought along a list of sexy things I wanted “TO DO” with my unexplored city lover.   Oohh yeah...some of my "to do's" I did, some I just couldn't fit in and some things were completely improvised, which were my most titillating memories of all.

**My photo journal of my escapade with the city of New York**

I got off the airplane and headed straight to a New York Yankees game! Totally impromptu (awesome memory) and that hat I'm putting on, I just bought it as I was exiting that very subway for $5.00!!!

I think I'm busted!  Nooo, not for the hat...I think that cop totally knows I'm with Livin' la Vida LA! Maybe I'll just sign an autograph for him and he'll forget I was even here LOL.

Saw the Broadway play, 'Magic Bird', which I knew nothing about - I thought it was a play about an Enchanted Parrot or something.  It turned out to be a sweet story of two basketball legends and I really liked it.

Look I'm on Broadway too (I'm a Triple Threat ha ha!) and Times Square...ahhhhhhhhhhh So thrilling.

Oh yes, then there was my glorious morning jog in Central Park here's where I fell in love.  The early morning energy of the big city, the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers going about their lives and the serenity and beauty of this park...I thought...Yeah, I could live here.

My view as I jogged around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park.  I kept thinking that Charlotte from Sex and the City always ran this in the show and I was like hehehe now I am too!  I'm just like one of the women on 'Sex and the City'....but which one am I most like? Hmmmmmmm??

The famous and beautiful cherry trees were blooming their beautiful pink flowers...ahh, just majestic.

A tour of the financial district...That's right, WALL STREET, (pointing to the sign).  I remember back in 2nd grade drawing a picture of me working in NY...there might still be a chance...for the right role of course.

I HAD to go to Serendipity!!!  I'm about to totally enjoy their signature dessert, the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate - sooo good.


You know what else is MMMMMMmmm MMMM Good?  A good love story and 'Ghost' on Broadway did not disappoint. Hold on, before you say anything, I too thought it was going to be super lame and cheesy but, I was wrong, it was surprisingly really good!

A little shopping in SoHo, feeling oh so very chic - - wait, who's that girl with the iPhone? Is she gonna mug me??

Phew!  She didn't take my Dean and Deluca Iced coffee.  Now where is that boutique Digs?

Ha Ha! Found you Digs...a kick ass trendy SoHo boutique which came highly recommended.  They threw in the black nail polish which I immediately put on, feeling sooo New York and ready to go out tonight!

Ditched all the tourist trap night spots and partied with local New Yorkers in the Upper East Side. 

New York come to Mami Chula!  I think I LOVE YOU!

My "Naughty" NY To Do List:
- Eat a slice of NY Pizza - did it!
- Eat a NY Bagel - did it!
- Eat a black and white cookie - did it!
- Go to Serendipity - did it!
- Go to MOMA or The Met Museum - next time
- See the Brooklyn Bridge - next time
- Go to the New York Botanical Garden - next time
- See a Broadway Play - did it!
- Go to SoHo - did it!
- Go to Financial District - did it!
- Walk through Central Park - did it!
- Go to the High Line - next time
- Meet up with NY friends - did it!

New York, you were magnificent and I'll never forget you, we had a fun tryst you and I - but I must return to my true love, Los Angeles.  I'll never forget you New York and who knows...there might even be a "next time" but for now adios you juicy Big Apple (as I affectionately called you)  Je T'aime.

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