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Friday, November 9, 2012

Kikey Performs in "8 Ways To Say I Love My Life"

Dates: November 3 - November 18, 2012

Times: Fri & Sat at 8pm, Sun two shows at 2pm &  7pm

Tickets: $20 General, $17 Seniors/Students, $15 Groups of 10+

The 2009 Imagen Award-winning show returns to CASA 0101 in celebration of the publication of the book by the same name. Featuring a collection of 8 life-affirming monologues written by 8 women.

The Book

The amazing book that launched the play.
A must read and a great gift for men and women alike.
To buy a copy click here:  Amazon

I am thrilled to be working on this phenomenal all women (acted, written, directed) monologue show at new Casa 0101.  And we are just rocking the house each and every performance.   

We were reviewed by Abel Salas from Brooklyn & Boyle, here's what he said about my performance.
"Kikey Castillo appears first as the embodiment of Margo De Leon, a former Toastmaster’s club officer, in De Leon’s “Pillar of Strength” and then as a hopeful optimist in a piece entitled “Believing in Happiness” by Joanna Ilizaliturri Diaz. A petite performance dynamo, Castillo has collaborated with L√≥pez for years in numerous and wide-ranging productions at Casa 0101. Of the three performers, she is thus the most at home here. That familiarity gives her characterizations a subtle authenticity that underscores the sadness and tragedy in both monologues and fuels the triumphant resolutions in both."

*Check out the Photo Blog*

Pre-show ritual, review lines and listen to IZ's 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.  Really gets me in the right mood for my two beautiful monologues

Getting ready to go on! 

Kikey performing Margo's monologue 
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

Yvonne performing Susan's monologue
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

Getting silly and having fun.  Check this out, we have an Ivonne a Yvonne a Karina and a Kikey, must have been fate!

Karina performing Bel's monologue...this is the one I did in 2009
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

Ivonne performing Nancy's monologue
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

Kikey performing Joanna's monologue
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

The four wonderful actresses bringing the audience to its feet
Photo by: Patricia De La Rosa

Opening night post show introductions - The writers with their actresses.  LtoR: Laura, Bel, Karina, Nancy, Ivonne, Joanna, Kikey, Margo, Josefina, Yvonne and Susan (not pictured Rita)

My family coming out to support me :) awww.  My cousin Daniel and his wife Elba

Industry guest coming out to support - Casting Director and friend, Blanca Valdez

Industry guest coming out to support - James E. Blancarte Entertainment Lawyer and his client

Industry guests coming out to support - look who was in the audience, that's Gregory Nava in the back!!  Also in the back Ernie T. Gritzewsky front row Dyana Ortelli, Naibe Reynoso, Yvonne DeLaRosa, Kikey Castillo, Lorena Alvarado, Barbara Martinez, and Ivonne Coll

Industry guests coming out to support - the lovely 'Hola! LA' hosts Naibe and Dyana came out to show Bel and I some LOVE

Industry guests keep coming out to support our show - actor Nick Gonzales also was there to get the patrons to sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry to help out his friend Alexandrea Vizcarra read their story here 

Industry guests keep coming out to support our show Jimmy Smits shook my hand and said "Amazing job, you were terrific"  WOW :) 

In honor of the show '8 Ways to Say I Love My Life' we have a whiteboard where we encourage anyone to write why they love their life, here is what I wrote
Photo by: Gustavo Stebner

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