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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kikey Co-Hosts, 'HOLA! LA' on KCAL9 Los Angeles

The first and only English-language TV talk show with a Latina POV !
HOLA! LA hosts and guest LtoR: Naibe Reynoso, Dyana Ortelli, Esai Morales, Kikey Castillo and Bel Hernandez

A not to miss premiere show 

with VIP guests Esai Morales and John Leguizamo 

Sunday, September 30th at 5pm
KCAL9/CBS Los Angeles 

This is a dream come true!!!  After so, so many YEARS of long hard work to bring our very own sweet show from concept to fruition to our ultimate goal - Network TV, it has finally happened.  

How we got started with a goldmine of a show:
It started with a handful of talented people in a friends casting office in LA to brainstorm on realizing a talk show that included Latina women, because none of the shows anywhere on network TV were including the Latino voice and perspective.  This lead to 'Let's Talk!' and we launched a successful run on the Internet for a few years winning over male and female fans all over the nation.

What the "Little Show That Could" did next:
We always had our sights set on TV, so we jumped onto KJLA a digital local cable station with a limited reach within the LA market.  But no matter, we were finally on TV and our loyal fans continued their enthusiasm and support for our show.  After a season run on KJLA we went into hiatus and bless our lucky was during this break that the BIG TV Dogs came a callin'.

My, how far we have come - Network TV: 
We were elated beyond belief when we found out we had a meeting with CBS to talk about bringing on the show.  In sports terms it would be like, "being called up to the majors" was a BIG DEAL. The meeting went like a dream, CBS was IN and 'HOLA! LA' was born.  Same great hosts, same great chemistry, same great type of content just elevated because hello it's CBS.  I am personally so greatfull to CBS and everyone there who helped make 'HOLA! LA' possible.    

Right after our very first meeting with CBS

And here we are the 'HOLA! LA' hosts LtoR: Naibe Reynoso, Dyana Ortelli, Kikey Castillo and Bel Hernandez

What's next for 'HOLA! LA':
We hope to keep brining you many more great 'HOLA! LA' shows, but it's really in the hands of the viewers, our awesome fans and the TV gods.  It's just the way the TV industry works, so if I could ask for my Christmas present early :)  I would ask for our fans to please support our show by:

  • spreading the word about our premier show, Sun 9/30 @5pm on KCAL9 (LA Only)
  • watching our premier show (you can even set your DVRs)
  • and finally writing/emailing CBS letting them know that you want to see more of our show - believe it or not letter campaigns to keep a show on the air work

We hope to keep bringing you more great shows!  

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