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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Livin' Green: Farmers Market

This little chicky went to the organic farmers market and went mmmm mmmm mmmm all the way home.

One of my fun ‘green’ weekend traditions is to shop at the Organic Farmers' Market on Third Street at the Santa Monica Promenade for my fruits and veggies.  

No wisecracks about my melons :p

Buying the best quality fruits and veggies has become imperative in my diet now that I am blending/juicing with my Vitamix.  I LOVE my Vitamix - like LOVE IT - I’ll blog about this topic later because it deserves a blog of its own.  

Anyhow…my little weekend tradition has a way of bringing me joy – maybe it’s being outside in the nice weather near the ocean with palm trees surrounding me, maybe it’s the good people watching, the great deals on organic produce… or maybe because for a brief moment I feel as if I’m in Europe (which I’m totally enamored with).

But actually, I know it’s all of the above and the fact that I’m helping my local economy and the environment.  

Benefits of shopping at the Farmers Market
  • Benefits the local farmer

  • Strengthens the local economy

  • Fruits and vegetables are grown locally which means they are picked when perfectly ripened

  • Prices, especially for organic items, are often lower than at grocery stores
  • Environmental impact from food transportation is lessened

Have you ever shopped at a farmers market?  If so, YAY you – keep doing it, if not, make it a point to give it a try this year, you’ll be doing your wallet, body and planet good. 

Click here to find your local California farmers market.  If not in California a simple Google search will provide you with a farmers market location near you.

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