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Thursday, July 25, 2013

"East Los High" a HUGE hit on HULU!

Have you seen it yet???  OK, I'll admit, I was slow on the trigger to tune in.  You see, I was eager to support the show because it's Latino written, directed, acted and produced.  And typically, Latino shows and movies need a lot of love to succeed in mainstream today.  Also, I was excited to see many of my friends who got cast on "East Los High." 

But I just couldn't pull myself away from watching my mainstream shows on my Hulu queue.  Then one Sunday, tired of my mainstream shows on my Hulu queue, I pulled the trigger and watched the first episode of "East Los High."  Uhmmm, where did my Sunday go?  I binged watched like 6 episodes!!! Can you say Hooked!  I couldn't get enough of the show!  And trust me, you will get hooked, don't be fooled by the title "East Los High."   

You see, although I'm a Latina, I did not go to East Los High or even grown up in East LA, more like Hermiston High in a rural cowboy town of other than my Latin heritage, I too thought, "can I relate to a show about East LA teens?"  DON'T be fooled my fellow blog readers, let me ask you, do you like the TV shows "Scandal", "Nashville", "Chicago Fire"?  Well here's a doozy, this show is right in that league, with it's storylines, acting and juicy cliff hangers.  So GOOD!  What I realize now, is that this show IS MAINSTREAM entertainment...can you say egg on my face. 

So after being sufficiently hooked consuming as many episodes as I could in my free time (24 episodes...phew!) I attended NHMC's MediaCon where the co-creator, Carlos Portugal, was speaking on a panel about "East Los High"...My lucky day!!  After the panel, I immediately went up to Carlos, and embarrassingly so, gushed to him about my enthusiasm for the show and that I would like to blog about it to help him get viewers to tune in.  Needless to say, he does not need my help garnering attention, this show is doing just fine, actually more than fine on Hulu garnering super high ratings and breaking records.  But he was gracious enough to agree - thank you Carlos :)   Click here for my interview with Carlos Portugal.

Kikey Castillo and Carlos Portugal at NHMC's MediaCon 

Another key player in "East Los High," who not only is my friend but a phenomenal casting director is Blanca Valdez, who cast the entire series.  As an actress, I wanted to know the low down and dirty on the casting process.  Hold a sec, are you thinking what I thinking???  "Hey, why wasn't I on this show?"  Don't worry, I did ask her...she's my friend after all :)  Needless to say, I think Kikey Castillo will be on Blanca's shortlist from now on - love ya Blanca!   Click here for my interview with Blanca Valdez. 

Blanca Valdez and Kikey Castillo at "8 Ways to Say I Love My Life!" play at Casa 0101 

Still want more?  How about an interview with the writers of "East Los High" - written by Elia Esparza of Hola LA! and Latin Heat Entertainment: 'East Los High' Opens Doors for Latino Writers

Watch on Hulu at:

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  1. Very nice, Ms. Castillo! You're giving me some competition and I'm loving it. I'm a huge fan of East Los High... workable concept, amazing writing and talent... love that the young actors were given such a great script to sink their acting chops into! Wonderful way for them to show off their skills. :)


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